Blessed Extracts

Our Mission

To create a concentrate that maintains the plant’s natural essence, giving people a pure, blissful and enlightened experience

Staying Connected

We value our longstanding relationships with cultivators that allow us to produce the finest extracts from the highest quality flowers.


Anyone can buy an extraction machine and make a decent extract. The difference is that we know good cannabis. We were born from cannabis culture and therefore we know what “the best” truly means.


All of our products are compliantly packaged and labeled, and follow regulatory procedures for high quality end product results.

Our Blog

Be Blessed

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Are you feeling blessed? 

Extracting cannabis is a way to remove all of the parts of the plant that you don’t need to ingest, while preserving the cannabinoids and terpenes that are beneficial to your health.
Blessed Extracts’ line of boutique cannabis products does just that.  Purity is our priority.  All of our Extracts are batch tested and made with love.

Located Throughout California

From north to south – our products can be found in dispensaries throughout California.