Please note: NOTHING ON THIS WEBSITE IS FOR SALE.  These products are only obtainable at certain California medical marijuana dispensaries, for patients with valid California IDs and medical marijuana recommendations.  We are operating in compliance with California Prop 215 SB 420 Section 113265. Keep out of reach of children. For medical use only. Do not use while operating heavy machinery.


We are constantly striving to stay up-to-date on the most effective and potent products to bring to you, our customers.  Our current product line includes:

Native Spirits Vape Pen Cartridges

- Ultra-filtered, ultra-refined cannabis oil; we use sub-micron filtration to preserve the essence of each strain while delivering unmatched potency, clarity and purity.

-Varies between 70% to 90% potency

-Net wt. 0.50 gram vape pen cartridges

-Glass/stainless steel to prevent terpene leeching, wickless dual coil system

-Solvent-free, mold/mildew free

- Lab paperwork provided from FDA compliant laboratory


-Rare THC-A sugars

- Immune-boosting edibles or

- a great addition to joints or dabs

- Lab paperwork provided from FDA compliant laboratory

- Available in .5g or 1g containers


- 50/50 Blend of Organic 70% Sour Diesel cannabis oil (Sativa) and our Organic 70% Suzie Q CBD Oil

-Medicinal CBD meets an amazing uplifting Sativa high.  

-Incredible flavor from cannabis-derived terpenes

-Lab paperwork provided from FDA compliant laboratory

C02 Syringes

-1ml Glass Syringes filled with Sativa C02 extracted cannabis oil

-Perfect for dabbing, clean and easy to use

-100% Solvent Free, while maintaining a beautiful terpene profile

-Lab paperwork provided from FDA compliant laboratory